(I)rrationality of Decision Making

Debias Yourself

Most of the decisions we believe we’re making with a clear mind are actually controlled by mental shortcuts known as cognitive biases and it is important to learn how to minimize their negative impacts. Cognitive biases are the natural byproducts of how our brains function and they undermine critical thinking by making us vulnerable to faulty beliefs and bad decisions and we process them non-consciously. Understanding and being able to mitigate cognitive errors through education of decision-makers can help steer them to make better, more rational judgment. This training is motivated by a desire to avoid disasters, improve performance, and promote social justice.


  • Neuroscience of Decision Making
  • Barriers and Limitations of Rational Decision Making
  • Experience Most Common Cognitive Biases and Heuristics
  • Different Debiasing Strategies
  • Meta-awareness and Metacognition