Future Skills Concept

Future Skills – The Practice of Wisdom

Future skills is a holistic soft skills system that predicts and educates on the persistently increasing challenges  in the workplace and beyond.

The main components of the “Future Skills Concept“are :

Critical Thinking – Making sense of the constant data influx
Emotional & Social Intelligence – Managing your inner world, and the relationships around you – know yourself and understand others
Non-Verbal Communication – Speaking volumes without words
Cross-Cultural Communication – It’s not just about you, but a bigger picture world
Cognitive Overload Management – Engage the brain, it’s an under exploited muscle
Creative Thinking & Innovation –  2+2 is not always 4

I will help you improve upon yourself using an array of soft skills at your disposal, often hidden, often underused – unlock your potential.

The broader concept of ‘future skills’ lies in critical thinking & decision making; a strong argument given in a wrong way is often not persuasive enough, therefore the whole concept is inevitably amended with emotional & social intelligence and this goes hand in hand with nonverbal communication. Let me navigate you through the minefield whilst avoiding unnecessary conflict.

How to negotiate today’s very real ‘information explosion’ -how do we work with cognitive overload? Don’t get bogged down by unnecessary and time consuming distractions, and learn to maximize your output in all facets of your being.

Cross cultural communication is essential for the globally interconnected world. The development of creative thinking and the ability to innovate are absolutely crucial in an age of artificial intelligence that already threatens the everyday workforce. Building bridges creates opportunities and broadens your global horizons.

Only a functional mixture and fusion of the aforementioned skills can bring real added value, not only to you but also on society. This notion contributes to healthy relationships and to a healthy society and by default it becomes a social innovation, one of which from which we can all benefit. I am not alone in thinking this; according to several Fortune 500 companies these skills are not only recognized as a modern day requirement but are being championed to help the bottom line and give you a competitive edge in an ever competitive work environment. Simply put what helps you, helps them.
What is your add value? What is your unique identifier? What is your potential? What is holding you back? Why is no one listening? Do you want to be the best you can be? – I can help you with all of these and so much more.