Olivia was born with a love for the spoken word and her first words were not “ma-ma”, rather poetry. This need for verbal expression continues to be a guiding force in her life. In these non-poetic times she finds poetry in places where others might not even search for it. Poetry allows her to feel like a seated child whose feet dangle above the floor. In that space and motion lies the magic of good training – allowing for the unexpected, allowing creative flow, but most importantly: knowing what you want to say. Olivia will joyfully accompany you through soft skills courses and together you can write one poetic chapter in the book of your life.

Just come spend time with Olivia, even if its just for a brief instant. As a political scientist with over 13 years of experience in the field of human training, business & project management she has worked for several well known companies including and Stringdata. Most recently it was with Lenovo, where she imparted her interactive workshops for nearly 4 years. You can find her now at the Creative Academy as both a mentor and professional trainer in the field of Communication, but don’t worry  she still loves poetry.

Why Olinclusive ? My offer to you reacts on real needs and trends in education and you can get them all under one roof – a one-stop-shop for communication needs if you will. This word also has another dimension, inclusion means to us that all that are interested in these subjects are very welcome regardless of status, skin color or beliefs. The whole concept of future skills contributes to real inclusion in society as it leads to deep tolerance, acceptance and mutual respect. As I actively promote the idea of inclusion in education and broader society, my door is always open to all, provided I am home! Please feel free to get in touch via the usual channels (details in contact us)  and together we can find a solution and include you into our programs. Looking forward to an interactive forum!