Argumention and decision making

ARGUE – Do or Don’t?

Do you also sometimes feel tangled and lost in irrational internet discussions? Don’t you know how to argue or persuade your opponent/ partner in a discussion? Don’t you know exactly the time to leave a conversation and not waste time is? Especially these in the digital age, the ability to lead a discussion courteously and smartly is a massive advantage for one. The “Logic of argumentation course” will demonstrate to you how to give your words the necessary dose of logic, decency, and respect to your partners in discussion, all of  which in an interactive way. You will discover all the common mistakes we make daily in arguments , learn how to decode these mistakes in others speech.

Come to me and together we will navigate through the intricate world of argumentation logic. Learn to defend yourself persuasively, politely and stand up for yourself in appropriately in all relevant environments.